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Graduation Day has arrived! It was nothing like the graduation ceremony for BCT with all it's pomp and circumstance. All of us dressed in our Class A's and attended a small ceremony. We sat patiently as our names were called out and then walked up and across the stage to receive our certificates. A few pictures were taken and some family members were in attendance. The whole ceremony lasted around 30 minutes, and then we were dismissed and told we could change back into our BDUs.

We started packing that afternoon to get a head start on our out-processing the next morning after chow. It was a long and arduous process, having to go from building to building with our paperwork, but we accomplished it faster than expected. Goodbyes were said and hugs given, and then James and I were driven to the airport to board a plane back to Texas. 

I had finally achieved and accomplished my goal I had started in 1993. I was a soldier in the United States Army.


The graphics used within this website are copyrighted to various graphic artists and are not public domain, nor are they available for download from this site. Please visit the links provided if available. My military experience is expressly my own and everyone will have a different perspective and outcome. Military icons are by juicy_fish and Pixel Perfect from Flaticon. Emojis courtesy of Emojipedia. Military dolls made at eLouai (no longer online) and edited by me using GIMP.

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