Hi! I'm Missy Mouse, Jen's PMA (personal mouse assistant). I'd be happy to show you around our little town. Just cross the bridge! 

Before social media sites took the internet by storm, many people had personal websites that they created and decorated with tons of graphics and themed web-sets. These graphics could be downloaded just about anywhere. Virtual pets and adoptions were all the rage and many people had pages dedicated to their little cyber pets. Many years ago, there was a website called Vikimouse (formerly The Mousepad) and it was run by a lady aptly named Vikimouse. It was here that you could adopt cute little mouse-drawn mice to adorn the pages of your very own personal website. Mouse houses and little towns were built. Mouse communities were built and webrings sprang to life with site after site of mouse houses to visit, and pick up little goodies. A webring was a collection of websites that a "Ringmaster" approved and added to their ring. Vikimouse had several webrings, one being called The Mouse Pad.

Jen had adopted a little family of mice that lived in Vikiville, a thriving little town with several residents and businesses. She told me how much fun it was back in those days. Sadly both websites have been closed for several years now, and with the closing of GeoCities (which was owned by Yahoo), the majority of mouse houses that could be found are gone. Years have passed and Jen has decided to create Cheddar Acres in honor of Vikimouse and all the mouse houses that were so prominent those many years ago. 


Cheddar Acres is graphic intense and is intended for you to use your mouse to navigate (click) through the different areas. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult if using a mobile device like a tablet or phone. If you would like to experience Cheddar Acres the way it is intended, a desktop PC or laptop is needed.

Throughout your exploration of Cheddar Acres, you will come across a little mouse hole like below. This will allow you to exit any building you have gone inside.

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