Halt! Who goes there? Oh, we have visitors! Welcome to Camembert Castle. Yes, yes. It is named after the "stinky" cheese. Haha. Castles have always been captivating to Jen and she enjoys reading about their history.  

Castles were built for fortification and defense, and were usually homes of royalty and the nobility. Designs of castles have changed over history due to technology, and their function and purpose. The Motte and Bailey castles were the 'original castle design' and brought into use by the Normans following the invasion of 1066. Theses castles were usually made of timber, which was easy to obtain and quicker to build with. But, timber is flammable and attackers using flaming arrows could be very destructive. During the 1100's and 1200's, the design of the Motte and Bailey timber castles were strengthened and turned into stone, becoming Stone Keeps, allowing for better defense. But, even stone could be burrowed out causing the foundation to collapse. The idea for a 'castle within a castle' was born and curtain walls were built around the Stone Keeps This design became known as the Concentric Castle.

Today castles are built as a sign of importance and wealth instead of for defense. When we think of castles, we usually think of fairy-tales and fantasy. Camembert Castle is a Medieval 'fantasy' castle.

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