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Long ago, before social media sites took the internet by storm, many people had personal websites they created and decorated with graphics and themed web-sets, like this one. In the late 90s and early 2000s, anyone could create a website, and for many, Yahoo! Geocities was the go to place to do just that. Virtual pets and adoptions were all the rage, and many people had pages dedicated to their little cyber pets. Years ago, there was a website called The Mousepad ran by a lady named Vikimouse. It was here that you could adopt cute little mouse-drawn mice to adorn the pages of your very own personal website. People started putting together little mouse houses and little towns and communities came to be. Webrings sprang to life, listing site after site of mouse houses to visit and pick up little goodies. A webring was a collection of websites that a “Ringmaster” (moderator) approved and added to their ring. Vikimouse had several webrings, one being called The MousePad.

I adopted a little family of mice (The Niblets) that lived in Vikiville, a thriving little city with several residents and businesses. The MousePad closed years ago, along with GeoCities (which Yahoo owned), making most mouse houses non-existent. You can Google mouse house or Vikimouse and a few outdated pages might pop up that are over 20 years old.

Welcome to Cheddarville - my little tribute to a nostalgic time and created in honor of all the mouse houses that were scattered across the internet. If you would like to visit my little mice, I am sure Missy would love to give you a tour.☺️


Hi there! I'm Missy Mouse and have been elected tour guide for Cheddarville. The pink and blue cottage is where I live. I know many things about Cheddarville - all the mice and even secret places. If you search closely, you may find these hidden places, too. You may even find a special reward!


Follow the yellow arrow signs through Cheddarville and, while exploring, don't forget to use your mouse by hovering over objects, shrubs, flowers, trees, etc. These can lead to other areas in Cheddarville, or hidden places within. To exit buildings, click on the mouse-hole you will find towards the bottom of the page. But, if you would rather not explore, you can hop on the Cheddarville Express and head to the station. Here you will find links to take you directly to a particular area in Cheddarville. I hope you enjoy your visit and please don't be a stranger!

Keep in mind that Cheddarville can be graphic intense and may affect load times. After all, graphics are what make websites fun.


The graphics used within this website are copyrighted to various graphic artists and are not public domain, nor are they available for download from this site. Please visit the links provided if available. Cheddarville's Town Buildings © Caboose Designs.

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