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Spaghetti - When it comes to Italian food, you can't help but think of spaghetti. It is one of the most famous pasta dishes and there are various versions depending on the ingredients and sauces served. This pasta has been around since the 5th century AD, but became popular with the rise of spaghetti factories in the 1940s.

Pizza -Pizza is loved around the world and has become famous for its many flavors and abundance in toppings. This wonderful dish was first created in 997 AD in Gaeta and is commonly used in Southern and Central Italy.

Lasagna - This incredible dish combines a rich meat sauce with vegetables and different cheese between several layers of flat pasta. Naples is the birthplace of this recipe and dates back to the middle ages. It made its way into the English cookbook during the 14th century.


Risotto- A traditional rice dish that originated in the Lombardy region, combining broths made from meat, fish, or vegetables to make the recipe rich and creamy. Risotto, unlike other rice dishes, requires constant care and attention. It's important to not pre-rinse, boil, or drain, as washing removes much of the starch required to make a creamy texture.


Gelato - In Italy, gelato is preferred over ice cream because it has a creamier and silkier texture, adding to the flavor and it making it more appealing. The world's first gelato originated in Florence when Cosimo Ruggeri created the first gelato, fior di latte, at the court of Catherine de' Medici for a competition.


Tiramisu - A tasty Italian dessert made with lady fingers dipped in strong coffee and aligned in a baking dish, and spread atop a layer of sweet and fluffy mascarpone custard dusted with a decadent cocoa finish. Did you know that March 21st is actually Tiramisu Day?


Prosecco - Looking for a dinner drink - how about Prosecco, a subtle white wine that comes in sparking, semi-sparkling, and still. All three are mostly made from the native white grape glera and have a crisp, tart, and sweet taste accompanied by a fresh aroma. It can be bubbly or not, depending on what type you choose.

Caffe Latte - Caffè latte means “coffee and milk” and is an essential breakfast drink for many Italian families. Be careful just ordering a latte, because you will only get a cup of cold milk since "latte" means milk in Italian. They usually serve these drinks in tall glasses rather than coffee cups or mugs.


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