ToonTown Rewritten or, TTR as many call it, is an MMORPG based on Disney's now closed game, ToonTown Online. The game is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company and instead, is completely run by a set of dedicated and devoted volunteers called the "ToonTown Rewritten Team". 


In the wake of the closing, two staff members from ToonTown Rewritten, Joey (Sir Max) and Jeremy (Fat McStink), discussed the potential revival of the game. With the help of a band of players, a contest was held and the winners won a registration key (alpha key) to play when the game was launched in October of 2013. The revival of ToonTown was now real. Semi-Beta and Beta opened in June of 2014, but if you did not have a beta key, your playtime was limited. One year after Disney announced the closing of ToonTown Online, ToonTown Rewritten announced that all players would be able to login and play, celebrating their grand opening and first anniversary with ToonFest 2014.

It is now 2020 and my kids and I are still playing this awesome game! 

TTR Loading in screen
Map of ToonTown
Fighting the Moneybags
At the pet shop
Cashbot HQ
Time for some Trolley games!
My pet doodle Libra
ToonTown Central
Sillyfest with my kids
Um,. why did I just fly throw the ceiing?!
Hopping on the elevator to defeat a building with my kids and niece
My gags 2020
Merry Christmas!

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