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I have been using country graphics to decorate my websites for years. If not for these wonderful and talented artists, my pages would be dull. Most artists’ Terms Of Use (TOU) are quite simple. Your website must be family friendly. You must provide a link back to them for using their graphics, giving proper credit to the original artists. Never direct link to graphics, as we consider this bandwidth theft, or “hotlinking”. Do not put their graphics into other collections or claim them as your own. Many graphic artists require a No Right Click script to be used. The blatant disregard and disrespect for these simple terms caused many graphic artists’ websites to become members only sites, or close indefinitely.  


Originality is the aspect of created or invented works as being new or novel, and thus distinguishable from reproductions, clones, forgeries, or derivative works. An original work is one not received from others nor one copied from or based upon the work of others.. It is a work created with a unique style and substance. The term "originality" is often applied as a compliment to the creativity of artists, writers, and thinkers. The modern idea of originality is tied to Romanticism, by a notion that is often called romantic originality.​ - Wikipedia

Plagiarism is the representation of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one's own original work. - Wikipedia

Synonyms of plagiarism include to copy and paste, to pass off as one's own, infringe the copyright of, and steal.

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