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Isn't it funny how fast the days and hours just fly by? Monday morning arrives and by the time you realize it, Wednesday presents itself, then Thursday rolls around, and finally it's 5:00 PM on Friday and the weekend is here again. Time. It is something that we feel we do not possess enough of.

As a child, time just dawdles. We go through endless days of school, summer fun, holidays, journeys, etc., and it seems as time seems to last forever. As we grow up and start taking on responsibilities as an adult, time seems to speed up at an alarming pace. Birthdays and holidays pass by in a flash. Time to me, seems almost chaotic. I came across this article published a few years ago about Steve Taylor. He wrote a book back in 2007 called Making Time: Why Time Seems to Pass at Different Speeds and How to Control it. I have not read this book yet, but I purchased it for $6.99 on my Kindle app. He talks about how our experience of time is flexible, speeding up in certain situations and slowing down in others. He talks about how time seems to be slow for children because they are experiencing new environments and surroundings. The mind processes slower. Everything is unfamiliar and exciting. As we age and get older, we become more familiar with our surroundings and everyday experiences, day to day life sets in and the mind begins to process less information, becoming desensitized to our experiences.

Here lately, I have been feeling like time passes too fast, and that I do not have the time to accomplish goals that I have set. Another reason why my posts have been sporadic. I look back on certain things in life and I get this feeling that I have missed something. My kids are grown and I feel like I have missed out on taking them to places we only talked about and never created the time to do. Time is fleeting. My days seems to be monotonous, and a recreation of the day before. It has created an overwhelming feeling and I know my mental health is suffering from it. The more repetitive my daily schedule is, the more time seems to speed away. Don't get me wrong. We have done quite a few things and enjoyed it. And I absolutely love my new job, and most of the people I work with are amazing. But it is time. Time to put a kink in the day to day. Time to do something different. Time to experience something new with my family. Time to be more creative.

I had to take off work early Wednesday for an emergency visit to my new doctor. I am not exactly sure what was causing the reaction and itching, but it created a panic attack, and I just couldn't handle it. I had to have a high dose steroid injection and I was put on a steroid dose pack. I have a full lab scheduled for this Wednesday morning and then I have to go in for scans that afternoon. I am not looking forward to it, but I know it has to be done. A few months back, I was seeing a specialist for thyroid issues. I pray that it is not something else. In these situations, Google is not your friend. Remember that. So in times like this, I have to just think positive and keep moving forward.

Today I made the time to update my website and this little blog. I have a HUGE list of things that need to be done. Time moves slowly but passes quickly. It's time to stop for a moment.

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