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A little update with heart palpitations...

Hope everyone who celebrates had a safe and fun Halloween! 🎃 I think we had over 100 kids stop by to trick-or-treat. It was nice seeing them out in their costumes since they missed out last year because of this crazy pandemic.

I have been trying to concentrate on finding employment. Yes, there are tons of jobs out there, especially in retail and fast food - but they are not consistent enough, nor will provide a paycheck that is going to pay our bills. Not necessarily a full-time with full benefits type of job - WAIT - who am I kidding? LOL! This would be a miracle and a godsend!! But seriously, I need something where I will have consistent hours and a schedule that does not bebop me back and forth between mornings and evenings. I also do not want a job where I go into work and get sent home because we are 'slow'.

On a whim, I filled out an application for an APS Administrative Assistant II working for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services on Monday, the 1st of November. I woke up the next morning to a voicemail stating that they had received my application and would like to schedule an interview!! OH MY GOSH!! 😮 Of course, I scheduled an interview and it was over the phone. I have to believe it went well, as I received an email the following day stating they would like to offer me the position pending a background check, etc. I immediately sent in all of my paperwork and I am currently in a 'hurry up and wait' position. This is a salaried position working for the state of Texas - 40 hour work week, Monday through Friday, holidays off, with full insurance benefits and retirement. Are you kidding me?? Why would I not accept this? This would be one of our prayers 🙏🏻 answered!! I am praying that this works out. The only requirement that I could not meet at this time was the three employment references. Please send some good vibes my direction!!!

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