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But everyone is hiring...

Every time I scroll through Facebook, I come across someone talking about how everyone and their dog is hiring, but NO ONE wants to work. FACT: Lots of people WANT to work, but the system is broken and EMPLOYERS are not calling back. Hiring managers are letting computers do their jobs and it is costing many people, who would be a GREAT fit, the position.

I am part of the unemployed and have applied for many positions with hardly any feedback. And when I get a response, it's for a position that does not match my skillset or I cannot do physically. I received an email for a nurse's position. No where on my resume does it state that I am qualified for that type of job and computers are pulling a few words from a resume and not fully scanning the entire document. 😐

Yes, I could probably land a job working in a fast-food restaurant, and while that would be great for some, it would not be a good fit for me. My age, my health, and the need for a consistent and stable work schedule play a enormous factor in my job search. And I have to take this into consideration. It is not a choice; it is a MUST.

This article is spot on: Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired...

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