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Celebration Fun!

Happy 22nd Birthday to my AWESOME and AMAZING son!!

It's been a week! LOL! I routed cases all week, along with working the front desk and providing lunch coverage. I have the best boss!! She let me finish my work day at home yesterday so I could get a few things together to celebrate our son's birthday.

My husband had picked up his cake earlier and I was so anxious about the topper I was intending to make for it. I wrapped my work day up and started wrapping a few gifts and getting things staged. I am one of those people that believe in all types of celebrations. I don't care how old you are, we are still going to celebrate and have fun! My kids tastes have always been different so decorated store bought cakes were usually a no go because if it's not in "the book", they cannot create it. So, we have either made the cake or had it made and created our own toppers, used figurines, etc. Sister came up with the idea of using The Rinne Sharingan from Naruto. Oh man. It took a while to complete and my hand kept falling asleep while trying to cut out the rings. This is what an archery target cut out and re-sized (font of 250) period and commas in Microsoft Word will do - glued and laminated! 😁

We played a few games, and later, we went and picked up Raising Cane's for dinner. We ate and then had cake and T opened his gifts. He got a pretty cool Naruto T-shirt, some jersey pants, a STEAM card, and a gaming bundle for Wizard101, which is one of the games we have been playing since 2009.

All in all, it was a fantastic celebration night!! 😍🎈🎂

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