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Church online

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I have listened to WRR 101.1 (a classical music station in Dallas) for years, and every Sunday morning several church services are aired over the radio, and different denominations. The more I listened and read about the different religious beliefs, the more I shied-away from my Baptist upbringing. I started questioning my beliefs and the way I was raised, and those that raised me. Both my husband and I come from strong Baptist church families. I was raised in a Baptist church, attending Bible school, going to VBS, and church camp during the summers. I was baptized when I was 11 years old and I still have my Bible that my grandparents presented me. Neither my husband or I, have been part of a church community for many years now. Our kids were not raised in church, but I was determined while homeschooling, that the Bible and theology were going to be a part of their curriculum. They are kind and caring humans who do believe in God. In my eyes, many people around me, more so family, are keen on passing judgment and quick to condemn. Over the years, I have chosen to separate myself from this, causing me to pull away from family. I believe they need to re-read Matthew 7 - Judge not, that ye be not judged.

A couple of months ago I started streaming a LIVE service from Fort Worth Presbyterian Church that I had found through Facebook. Of course this was after viewing a few services from different churches. But during one of the sermons, something shifted and I felt like this pastor from FWPC spoke directly to me. Spoke to me about my walk with Christ and the roller coaster of a ride that my life is currently traveling on. It has really been eye opening. 👀 My beliefs and my views have a new vision. I have started a new journey, and now on Sunday morning - I make sure to wake up, dress, make a cup of coffee, and boot up my computer to be online for church. I also love the hymns and the church bulletin can be downloaded to follow along with.

I know many people do not consider online worship as attending church, and it's not supposed to be a replacement for “the assembling of ourselves together”. There is nothing wrong with “doing church” this way. Streaming church service online does not invalidate my worship, or lessen the impact of God’s Word to me, or hinder my prayers. Maybe one day I will attend in person. Maybe my family will attend with me. But right now, I am more than happy to have found this service that is restoring my Faith and making me feel a little less lost, and that is what matters most. 😊

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