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Craziness abounds...

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

It has definitely been one of those weeks, and it seems like it continues - with a stream of numerous doctor's appointments that feel endless. Almost two weeks ago, I was battling a tooth infection, which landed me in Urgent Care. Of course antibiotics followed, but I have still not been able to get in to see a dentist. It appears it has to be an emergency for dental work due to Covid. 😞

Just this last week, my son had to visit Urgent Care because he thought he had sprained his foot. It was red and swollen, and he could barely walk on it. Turned out to be a bacterial skin infection in his foot and they ended up hospitalizing him for observation and putting him on a high dose of antibiotics through an IV. After several x-rays and MRIs, the infection turned out to be none other than cellulitis. The strange thing is, you usually get this type of infection from bacteria entering either a wound, or an animal bite - which my son had neither of. 🙁 It actually baffled the doctors that they could find nothing on his foot indicating this. He was finally able to come home after two days and is on another round of antibiotics, with a follow up visit next week. The swelling and redness in his foot has definitely subsided, so that tells me the antibiotics are working.

Just scheduled a well check for my daughter too, and she is being referred to both a cardiologist and neurologist. I am scared that her anxiety will go through the roof if they do a stress test on her. She is already on three different types of medications. Prayers would be nice.

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