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First week to route cases...

LOL! I have found zero time to sit down for any length of time to do memes or work on my website. Heck, my brain has even been too tired to read. 😄 But ...

I made it to Thursday as one of the three Tarrant County routers for my region. 😜 This is my first week and I only had one day of training, which was my Monday nightmare to Arlington. Michelle had asked me if I wanted to come back for another day of training, and I promptly informed her that I was good. LOL! Routing is done Monday through Friday, from 8:30am until 4:00pm, and we work in rotation.

Yesterday I was at the office and I think I only had 11 cases to route out to caseworkers. The RRU is definitely making a difference. My supervisor could not believe that I was on my own just after one day of training. Today I worked from home and it was quite a day! 😂

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