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FNAF - I Stand With Scott!!

So, I share quite a few of the same viewpoints with Scott Cawthon, and YES - I am a Conservative REPUBLICAN. I did vote for Donald Trump, and I would do so again.

But just because my views or my political candidates do not align with yours does not mean I don't like you as a person or respect you. Your choices are your choices, just like my choices are mine.

I can't believe that I am raising my kids in a world where people HATE other people because they believe a certain way, or vote a certain way. I am a gamer, and I play lots of games. I never really got into the Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) games, but my daughter is a HUGE fan of the games and the books. In a lot of ways, this game is a big part of her childhood. What happened to Scott should be illegal. 😔 He is just one of the many that Cancel Culture has tried to destroy.

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