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Frontier Girls

Starting in elementary school, my daughter had been part of Girl Scouts, and I was the Assistant Troop Leader of our multi-level troop. Our GS meetings were held at a church right down the street. After two and a half years, our troop disbanded. With no other troops close by, we became part of the Juliette program with Skye earning her Bronze Award and bridged to Cadette. When her interest began to wane, we did not re-join. Of course that was a few years back. My daughter and I have been looking for something that we could do together as mom and daughter, and we found Frontier Girls. Unlike Girl Scouts, which is an organization you join, Frontier Girls is a curriculum style program that you purchase a membership for and it offers more flexibility. There are over 1,000 individual badges to earn and you can work at your own pace. We joined as Pioneers, which are Troop 100 as an Owl and Eagle. Even as an adult, I get to participate and earn badges!

Skye will be graduating in two weeks!! Yep, in two weeks our little girl will be donning her purple gown and cap and getting that diploma! Exciting! And with that, her brother with be presenting her with the Liberty Award pin. She only has three badges to complete!! 😊 We are so proud of her!!!

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