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Good-bye November...

December has finally arrived and we are finally seeing our drops in temps. We are reading 25° and are below freezing! Maybe. Just maybe we can 'unalive' some of these insects that keep dawdling. I used to love living in Texas, but over the last several years, I have just outgrown the enjoyment of the heat and humidity. Besides, Texas only has two seasons - Hot and Hotter. 😁

The other day I managed to pull a muscle in my neck. It has honestly been such a nuisance as I have had a hard time folding laundry like I normally do and I haven't been able to get up in the attic to get the Christmas decorations down. Today I could feel it subsiding a bit, so I am hoping I will be back in tip top shape to climb up into the attic. It's time to decorate!! 🎄

I have managed to get some Christmas shopping done through. Go me! Hope everyone is doing well!

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