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Moving my blog to Blogger

Hi y'all! Well, I had a feeling when I first started this blog here, that I was going to run into a bit of a snag. As someone who has dabbled in HTML and CSS and such in the past, I find it very hard to implement it here, and unless I am in Dev mode and saving Corvid files, it is just either too complicated for my brain, or I just do not have the patience. 😁 Too many extra steps when I could just be inserting, editing, or deriving my own HTML and CSS to implement in my blog. Plus, I am looking for something more simplistic and for commenting to be a bit more open. Unless I use a specific commenting app, you cannot comment unless you login and sign up, and I know a lot of people do not like to do this.

I have been working today on transferring my posts to the Blogger platform. This is going to be a new adventure for me, as I have never used Blogger. LOL. Hopefully it doesn't take long for me to get my feet wet. You can now find my blog - Jen's Chaotic Musings - at the following url address:

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