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Roblox Game Night - different group

LOL! I don't think I have posted about Game Night since before Christmas - and this is why. It's amazing how so many adults out there expect children to follow the rules, be respectful and courteous, but they themselves do not abide by these same rules. Back in August 2021, I joined a Facebook group for adults that play Roblox, and it was here that I met Momita aka Amanda. We always had a great time during game nights and chatting in Discord.

She ended up leaving the group a couple of months later. Another player left, and I became really bummed because this seemed to create a domino effect with several people leaving. When Mop left, the group was definitely not the same. She was the one that live streamed our game nights. By December there was maybe six of us getting together for Game Night and maybe three people chatting on the Discord server.

Well, we had remained friends on Roblox and started chatting through their IG (in game) chat system. This is when I found out about drama within the group and that she left with another player to help start another group. I left the other group at the end of December have since joined Amanda's group. We have been having a really great time, and Amanda and I have since become friends on Facebook, too. Game Nights are every other Saturday, and my daughter is getting ready to join us. 😀 Game Night pics below.


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