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Six Flags 60th Anniversary

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Today was such a fun day to be at Six Flags celebrating 60 years! We made it an early day to visit the park so we could be part of the ceremony. It was so awesome seeing some of the rides that Buddy and I remember as a child, and T and Skye were able to see a few old photos. They pulled a fast one today and as the Park President, Ron McKenzie was showing us a video of the soon to be Aquaman, it cuts out and pirates pour out of the building to greet the crowd! The biggest unveil - Pirates of Speelunker Cave!!!! I was over the moon! The cave had always been a favorite during my childhood, and one of the kids favorite rides. I am so happy that it is returning. 😍 So, we have two new rides set to debut next year, but they are pushing for Pirates to open first. WE CANNOT WAIT!!!

After the ceremony, those who made VIP reservations were able to view the museum first and meet a couple of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. While we haven't been major sports fans in a long while now, it was pretty cool getting to meet these two ladies. My hubby talked to them for a couple of minutes and told them what a fantastic job the DCC does. As he was leaving, security tapped him on the shoulder and wanted him to return to the table. A team rep presented him with a Dallas star pin that he literally removed from his lanyard. How cool is that? 😀 The museum displays consisted of some throwback memorabilia, a few things I remember having as a kid. They had a bar serving drinks and some cute 60th Anniversary cupcakes in to-go boxes. We grabbed our cupcakes and went to the member lounge to kick back for a bit.

Afterward, we rode a few rides and then decided on an early dinner. Buddy wanted loaded brisket nachos and the kids and I decided on chicken. As we were waiting for our food, these two women waved me over. They wanted to know when the caricature artist was returning from break. LOL! They thought I worked for Six Flags, and they were both clearly intoxicated. I told them he was at lunch and they got a bit miffed. It was quite funny until they decided to proceed to tear the guy's sign off and start drawing on his art pad writing 'customers on strike' and left. I took a picture of them and we got a laugh showing the artist. He just grinned and said security will probably be showing them the gate soon. Both Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor are now serving alcohol, but why in the world would you want to drink, out in the heat, and then ride rides? 😮 Today marked the first time the kids had a Pink Thing, too! Awesome day!


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