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Sunday Stealing - Covid Questions

Welcome to Sunday Stealing - hosted by Bev Sykes.

1. Day 1 of serious isolation behavior. I don't like to get out and go many places unless I know exactly what I am going out for, or a planned vacation.

2. First trip you had to cancel. We don't travel much, so no plans were cancelled.

3. Other trips canceled. None.

4. Last trip out of town before isolation. Out of town?? LOL That would have been when we went to Galveston in December of 2018.

5. Furthest from home since isolation. Only shopping, which is within ten minutes of where we live.

6. Last Meal sitting in a restaurant before Isolation. That would be last June when we went to Edelweiss (our favorite German restaurant) for Father's Day. They have always had awesome food, but because of the pandemic, it has changed everything. The menu had been downsized to less than half of what they usually serve, so we were unable to order what we usually get. Haven't been out to eat in a restaurant since.

7. How many books have you read? According to my challenge on Goodreads, I am at 38 out of my 50 books, but I know I have read a few more that I forgot to add. LOL! Reading is not pandemic related. I am already an avid reader. 😁

8. First event you didn’t attend due to virus. We don't attend many events anyway, so this really hasn't impacted us.

9. Date and event of last over 200-person event. Yeah, that would have been when we went to Dicken's on the Strand in Galveston back in December of 2018.

10. Last live music event. In June when we went to Edelweiss for Father's Day. They always have live German music and Helga plays the saw! Oh how I miss the old days!

11. Things you are eating more of since isolation. Pizza. 🍕 Definitely pizza. LOL.

12. Things you are eating less of since isolation. Mexican food. We fix tacos, enchiladas, and hubby will make tamales every now and then, but we used to go out to eat every couple of weeks to a Mexican restaurant down the street.

13. What restaurants have you gotten take-out meals from? Zero. The point of going to a restaurant to begin with is the atmosphere and being able to eat there.

14. Have you found yourself bored in isolation? Not at all. Except for the occasional outing, I prefer to stay home. I enjoy gaming, especially with my kiddos. I hang out with my hubby. I just binge watched Cobra Kai, and I am stoked for Season 3. I also can't wait until The Last Kingdom airs. Boredom is not an option.

15. Have you gained or lost weight? LOL! I have GAINED weight! It has been worse since I have a foot injury and cannot exercise how I am used to. Things are getting ready to change!!!

16. Do you drink alcohol? Yes. Yes I do.

17. If so, more or less in isolation? Same. I have a few beers every single night. 🍺

18. What entertainments have you explored? Nothing new. I pay for several game memberships already. I have Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Pureflix.

19. Gotten into anything new? Nope. LOL.

20. Have you done crosswords? Board games? Jigsaw puzzles? Not really into crosswords or jigsaw puzzles, but we play board-games like CLUE, Monopoly, LIFE, as well as Minecraft UNO, Exploding Kittens, etc.

21. Have you cleaned out some cabinet, drawer, closet, etc. thoroughly? I am so sick of cleaning. /done! LOL!

22. Are you spending about the same amount of money? We are trying to spend less money considering I was one of tons that lost their jobs. I had finally found another one and had to resign because I couldn't be on my feet for more than four hours. I am hoping that once the holidays pass by, I will get to see my specialist. Praying!!!

23. Done Zoom, Facetime, etc. meetups? I am a tech junkie - but I don't like being on camera. But because of Covid, almost every doctor appt we have had has been by video. My daughter's therapy - video. I have an appt in a couple of weeks - video. Um, hello - I haven't been to a doctor in years because of no insurance and my first appts are video. smh. I need my foot examined and I don't think that can be done via video. LOL! I am so over this.

24. Had a social occasion with a small group of people you consider safe? Nope. Considering quite a few think wearing a mask is stupid and restricting their freedom, I would rather not be around them. I am very much avoiding people right now.

25. Did you vote? In Person? On Election Day? I voted in person and during early voting. I hardly ever go on Election Day if I can help it. 😉 If I can go to huge box stores for shopping, I am going to vote in person. LOL!

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