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The Little Kitten that did...

A couple of weeks after we were returning home from Six Flags, we saw a mama cat and four kittens take cover under our porch stairs while pulling into our driveway. Mama cat looked very young and she had taught the little ones well - run from humans. A week later as my husband was headed out the door to visit the auto parts store, he noticed one of the kittens on our driveway meowing. He called me outside and I picked the little guy up. He was so cold and was in distress, and probably had been for quite some time. Mama was no where to be seen, and honestly, we hadn't seen her in a few days. Most of the time when mama knows we know she is there - she moves her babies.

We moved this little guy to a warmer area with newspaper inside a cardboard box and tried to feed it a little, and noticed another kitten staring at us from under the stairs. Talk about a tug on the heartstrings! I think mama was moving the kittens and this little one just didn't have the energy, and it's sibling stayed back with him. Mama never returned and unfortunately, the little kitten didn't make it, leaving his sibling all alone. I'm not really the cat person in my house and I don't believe in feeding the feral cats that roam our neighborhood, but there was no way that I was going to let this little kitten starve. We bought some wet kitten food and some milk replacer. It only took three days to gain the trust of this little kitten. Meet Warrior Tumbledart the Brave and Loyal. My daughter came up with the name.

Warrior: the will to fight and stay alive

Tumbledart: tumbling all over the place and darting back and forth under the stairs

Brave: for being strong and taking a chance with humans

Loyal: staying back with your sibling so they were not alone

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