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Thinking of Mom

Over the years I have tried really hard to get over the bitterness that has built up about having my mom change her will at the last moment. I honestly don't think I will ever forgive myself for doing that. I put my siblings arguments and jealousy over my family and in doing so, lost a house which was rightfully mine. I just don't understand how a little four bedroom wood clapboard house, that was not even worth $80,000, had to come between us.

Almost 15 years later, my family still does not have a home that we will own. Between surgery after surgery, paying off child support, a traumatic brain injury, loss of family, hubby having to medically retire, this crazy pandemic, and fighting for SSDI, it just hasn't been a priority. I finally found a full-time job and we are now looking at filing for bankruptcy.

My mother's Birthday was this week. Happy Birthday MOM!! 🎂 She would have been 79 years old. Thinking about her and the look on her face when I asked her to change her will brings back so many unpleasant memories of what followed. My one regret - not putting my foot down and telling my siblings to back the hell off because it changed nothing. I miss my mom. 😔


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