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Top 5 Tuesday - Creepy Characters

Today is Tuesday and this is my very first Top 5 Tuesday! 😉 It's hosted by Meeghan over on Meeghan Reads. Halloween is in a few days and today's topic is creepy characters. Here are my top picks and these were characters that left a lasting impression!

#1 Pennywise

This is still one of my all time favorite books by Stephen King. He has a really cool house in Bangor, Maine.

"I'm every nightmare you've ever had. I'm your worst dream come true. I'm everything you ever were afraid of."

#2 Ramsay Bolton

While Joffrey was a horrid individual, Ramsay is more cruel and has a profound disregard for others. The TV series was spot on with his character.

“This isn’t happening to you for a reason. Well, one reason. I enjoy it.”

#3 Hannibal Lecter

This guy is cunning and hyper-intelligent, and always one step ahead. His whole demeanor is ruthless. Just thinking about being in a room alone with him can leave you shaking. I remember the nightmares my mom had after watching Silence of the Lambs.

"Remarkable boy. I do admire your courage. I think I'll eat your heart."

#4 Ms. Danvers

Penned with incredible suspense and mystery. A housekeeper that keeps your house immaculate and pristine with everything in tip-top shape, only not for you.

"Sometimes, when I walk along the corridor here, I fancy I hear her just behind me. Do you think the dead come back and watch the living?"

#5 The Woman in Black

This Gothic horror novel is one that sends chills down your spine and gives you goose bumps. The movie wasn't too bad.

"They have asked for my story. I have told it. Enough."

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