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Tuesday 4 - Lets Talk About You

It's time again for Tuesday 4 in memory of Toni Taddeo, our founder. Join in here!

Let's Talk About YOU this week!

1. How are you unique or different from your friends or family? How typical are you? I think we are all unique and have our differences. I have always been the 'black sheep' of my family, and even more so in my husband's. His family is huge and they always want to get together for everything. Having a special needs child and having family brush them aside sealed the deal as she got older. And Covid? Covid has changed everything, as well as my perspective of people. I am definitely not a "typical" kind of person. And definitely not a follower.

2. How do you spend your spare time? books, hobbies, visiting, TV, etc. I 💓 to read and listen to Classical music! I am also a huge GAMER MOM and play quite a few games with my kiddos. I am part of an adult group on Facebook that play Roblox and we get together every Saturday night for game night.

3. What was high school like for you? An endless stream of parties and cotillions! 😂 Well, not the latter, but I did party way too much in high school. I did not care for school the older I got, and a car accident ended my track and field days my Sophomore year. I quit the middle of my Senior year, but I did end up getting my GED and enlisting in the Texas Army National Guard for five years.

4. This question has multiple parts:

a. Handbag: designer style or any will do? I don't really carry a purse these days, but this style of Dooney and Burke drawstring will always be my baby. It was a birthday gift my freshman year of high school and I wish I still had it!! I have been thinking about acquiring another, but it has to be Vintage style (with the duck)! They are just so expensive, and I have more important things to spend my money on these days.

b. Pajamas or night gown? Definitely pajamas. I haven't worn a nightgown since I was a little girl!

c. Shoes: sturdy or pretty? While I would love to just shop around for the cutest and pretty sandals, any shoe I buy these days has to be sturdy. I have to have extra support for my plantar fasciitis.

d.home decor: classic, modern, farm house style, traditional? LOL! Every room of my house is different and I am not a huge fan of particular decor. Sad, huh? I do like the farm house style and I am big on vintage.

e. Movies: feel good, drama, romance, action? It really depends on what mood I am in. I enjoy lots of different genres of movies.

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