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  • Amazing, and Handsome (my wife thinks so).

  • Born in Arlington, Texas, along with my twin sister Natalie.

  • I have a younger brother and sister that are also twins named Ronnie and Darla.

  • We were born 14.5 months apart. (my mother is a VERY strong lady)

  • I grew up in the scorching desert of El Paso, Texas near Fort Bliss.

  • Graduated a year early and returned the following year to walk across the stage with my class.

  • Attended Howard Payne University on a Presidential Scholarship.

  • Worked security at Billy Bob’s Texas, where I first met my wife.

  • Married 23 years to my BABE. 💍

  • Outstanding DAD to Tanner and Skye.

  • I have an older son named Nick, who lives in Kansas with his sweetheart Sky.

  • My oldest daughter, Nichole, lives in Montana with her husband, Mike. Grandpa to Zane.

  • Served in the Texas State Guard with my wife for two years.

  • Over The Road Truck Driver and Trainer for over four years driving a team truck.

  • Former Public Works Superintendent for the City of River Oaks, my hometown.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. Pain medication is my best friend.

  • I like to plant seeds and watch them grow. 🌱

  • The HEAT is my nemesis these days.

  • Winter is my favorite time of the year.

  • I really enjoy cooking, grilling out, and making my own salsas and marinades.

  • Country music is the only music.

  • Stubborn and hard-headed at times.

  • I’m a Taurus and we are famous for that. ♉

  • Been on two cruises to visit The Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Cozumel. It was great!

  • Finally visited El Paso again - showed the family where I grew up.

  • Best Vacation—flew to Maine in September 2018.

  • Medically retired.


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