Fabian aka



Fun Facts About The Dad

Fabian aka Buddy – Awesome, Amazing, and Handsome (my wife thinks so).
-Born in Arlington, Texas along with my baby twin sister. Natalie.
-I have a younger brother and sister that are also twins named Ronnie and Darla.

-We were born 14.5 months apart. Yes, my mother is a VERY strong lady.
-I grew up in the hot desert of El Paso Texas near Fort Bliss.
-I graduated a year early and returned the following year to walk across the stage with my class.
-Attended Howard Payne University on a Presidential Scholarship.

-Worked at Billy Bob’s Texas, where I first met my wife.

-Married 21 years to Jennifer, my BABE. 💍

-Dad to Tanner and Skye (who has Autism).

-I have an older son. Nick, that lives in Kansas with his sweetheart Sky.
-My daughter Nichole lives in Montana with her husband Mike.
-Grandpa to Zane.
-Served in the Texas State Guard with my wife for a couple of years.
-Truck Driver and Trainer for over four years over the road driving a team truck.
-Former Public Works Superintendent for the City of River Oaks, my hometown, for ten years.
Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor.
-Pain medication is my best friend. 
-I like to plant seeds and watch them grow. 🌱
HEAT is my nemesis these days.
-Winter is my favorite time of year.

-I really enjoy cooking, grilling out, and making my own salsas and marinades.
-Country music is the only kind of music.
-Stubborn and hard-headed at times.
-I’m a Taurus and we are famous for that. ♉
-Been on two cruises to visit The Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Cozumel. It was great!
-Visited El Paso again - 
finally with the family and showing them where I grew up.
-Best Vacation ever – to Maine in September of 2018.
-I am looking forward to moving to a cooler climate – Maine would be nice.


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