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The Doggo

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One afternoon in April 2014, my husband walked through the door at lunch with a puppy in his hand. I asked him what he thought he was doing bringing home a puppy, and he told me that his boss needed to find a home for the little guy. Excuse me? Didn't we just discuss the fact that we would not be getting any more dogs? Well, we all know how things like this go, and when our kids saw this little pup, there was no saying no.

We named him Zac and he quickly became part of the family. Our German Shepherd, Bo, doted on him. Zac loved to run the backyard with Bo. Even though he was not an outdoor dog, he would stay outside for hours, even when it was cold outside. They celebrated their birthdays together on February 14th and we always made a cute little doggie cake. It has been eight years since we lost our Bo and Zac still misses him. He has the same fondness for rope toys as well and loves to play tug-a-war. Zac is now ten years old and suffers from seizures. He has also become a barker and I know it drives our neighbors bonkers. He enjoys playing with Korina and sometimes you can even find them snoozing in Zac’s bed, snuggled up together.

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I worked for the Humane Society of North Texas as an Animal Adoption Counselor and Kennel Tech for almost a year. It was a very rewarding, but heartbreaking job. I also became a Foster Parent during that time. You can read about a few of the pups that stayed with us on my Shelter Pets page. 

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dog bones
dog bones
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