The Hairballs

aka Korina and Tabitha


I have never really been a cat person, but we had outdoor cats when I was growing up. One afternoon day in November 2007, an older couple was walking by and up our driveway comes this little kitten. Of course, the kids saw it and had to go over and play. Rusty entered our lives that day and stayed with us for a good six years. In November of 2015, I decided to take our kiddos on a trip to our local shelter, the Humane Society of North Texas Waggin' Tails. We had looked at a few kittens online before going, so we had a couple we wanted to see. The shelter is set up so you can walk in and visit with your potential furball. It didn't take long before we knew exactly which kittens would be a good match for their humans. Tanner picked Korina, a cute little Siamese mix who was already four months old, and Skye chose a little three month old Tortoiseshell named Tabitha. Tabitha was a special needs kitty. One of her front paws did not form correctly and she has a claw that does not retract. They ended up being a purrfect fit for our family, and each other!




Korina and Tabitha

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