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Holy cow! 🐄 Here's the lowdown. DS Stewart is giving us a chance to redeem ourselves. If we (ALL of us) pass our last CI inspection, he will reinstate our passes. Of course, remembering the last inspection at BCT didn't leave me with much hope. The males had doomed us by getting a no-go on their weapons and we spent the rest of the evening cleaning and re-cleaning our weapons. I know we are going to be asked questions we should know...Chain of Command, Ranks, General Orders, etc. I had already been reviewing my smart book at bedtime the last few nights because of Superbowl and FTX coming up. We shined our boots and re-painted all the buttons and eyelets on our gear. Our room was swept, mopped, and the floor waxed and buffed. Beds were all made with the covers tucked and pulled tight. Our uniforms were hung neatly and everything in our drawers were folded and rolled accordingly. So, it was hurry up and wait.

Tick Tock check the clock, cuz Charlie Company's about to rock and rock it we did! My room was again the top room during inspection. Aww, so sorry some of you catty females catch the jealousy bug so quickly! 😘 Work hard and you shall reap the benefits of a job well done. It's quite simple I assure you. Asking upper classes what to expect and how things are cleaned and squared away always helps, too. This time, even our males were on a roll as well!  Great job guys! We nailed all the questions asked it is so nice to pass an inspection without any mishaps. Army Pride!! FTX and Superbowl were child's play compared to what we experienced in BCT. Then again, we had already been through this rigmarole and were used to the procedures and the outcome. My entire class successfully completed and met all the requirements and we would all be graduating at the start of next week. Hooah!

DS Stewart congratulated us on a job well done and granted our wish. We got our off-post OVERNIGHT passes back! YAY!! When we were finally able to leave, James and I took a taxi to the Mall of Columbia and hit the stores. I bought some CK jeans and a couple of nice shirts, and a Winnie the Pooh gold ring, even though I don't wear much gold. I didn't get my chance to go to the zoo because James didn't want to venture that direction and I couldn't go alone. Later that afternoon, quite a few of us met up and booked rooms at Holiday Inn Express. The pool was fantastic and we all enjoyed it immensely. I borrowed a swimsuit from my buddy Kelly since I didn't want to wear mine that kept falling off my shoulders. We swam for a while and had a couple of drinks. At around 6 pm we got dressed, called for a taxi, and headed to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I 💚 Outback Steakhouse and my steak was greatness! That evening and well into the night, we all went room to room visiting each other, drinking, and having a carefree time. We even had a few NCOs that had rooms on our floor join us. 🤫 I didn't mention that.  

The next morning dawned bright and sunny, and we all headed to IHOP for breakfast. I ordered the breakfast sampler so I could have my pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage even though my appetite was only mediocre. It was clear that every single one of us was suffering from a mild hangover, but we were going to eat and eat well.  My mood nosedived when I realized I had lost my camera. Noo! 😭 Are you kidding me? We finished eating and headed back to the hotel to pack. It was time to head back to the company. Graduation Day was just a couple of days away.


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