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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

It's time for Friday 5!

Yay! I finally get to participate again!

The last few weeks have been crazy crazy for me and my family.

1. Who are your three latest celebrity crushes? LOL! I don't really have celebrity crushes, but Nick Bateman pops up quite a bit in my Smoaksters book group on FB and he is absolutely without a doubt my Professor James Hunter. Well, aside from my hubby that is. 😉

2. What three strange things have you done during the pandemic? I don't think I have done anything strange. I have always been a homebody, so staying home and not going places has not really affected me. 3. What three goals do you have for the weekend?

#1) This weekend will be filled with cleaning. I have to clean, mop, disinfect, and bleach both bathrooms.

#2) Grade papers. Term 2 just ended and now I have to rev up the projects for Term Three. My daughter is not exactly happy that I added an extra month on to school, but with all the Dr. Appts, Therapy, and hospital visits - there has just been too much going on to slack off. The end of August is now Graduation month.

#3) Organize my desk.

4. What three things are you avoiding? I really don't try to avoid things. But I guess you could say that I have definitely limited my contact with others because I want to try to stay healthy, and it's not just Covid, although I wish more people that I know would take it more serious. My son just got out of the hospital because of cellulitus, which is a bacterial infection. We have no idea how, as this usually enters through a wound or bite. I am also getting ready to start up a Blogilates program with Cassie and I want to be able to keep at it. I need energy to do this. LOL. 5. What three things are you feeling pretty good about? #1) Losing Weight and keeping my stress levels down

#2) Getting my house organized

#3) Making this year awesome


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