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A little hiatus...

Whew! It has been a bit crazy around these parts the last few weeks. We have had so many in our extended family come down with dreaded Covid. My mother-in-law ended up hospitalized. There was a couple of times we thought she was not going to pull through. I'm happy to say she is home. She is on oxygen, but home. 💜 Our aunt was in the hospital for the second time with another round of Covid.

If people would just take the precautions that are being thrown at us constantly, this virus might be contained. And don't give me that "I wear a mask, and I still got sick" spill. The masks were never meant to keep you from getting this virus. They were meant to slow the spread. There is a very big difference. Almost everyone in my family that has come down with this contagious virus has refused to mask up. 😑

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