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Computer issues...

Me when my computer starts to be rude.

LOL! Sometimes I wish I had gone to tech school to learn the ins and outs of these gadgets that seem to cause us so much grief at times. My computer goes from having over 4gb of space to having 200mg and then just tanks at times while gaming. It can be annoying. 🤔

I am in the process of cleaning up tons of files that I have just accumulated. I go on download sprees, or just take video clips of games and screenshots. Yes, those videos take up a lot of space and honestly, do I really need them? Probably not. But sometimes they are funny to watch again. I am saving some files to my Microsoft Photos, family pictures and documents that I want to keep, especially if my hard drive decides to fail. I have had that happen and I could not recover the stuff I really wanted. I ended up losing so many pictures that I had taken, too.

So far, I have recovered over 3gb of space just by uninstalling a couple of programs that I no longer needed. I really need to uninstall my Libre but I have to convert so many school documents from odt files to word docs. That is going to be time consuming and I bet some will not convert right. Tables usually don't and this is what I used when I designed my kids transcripts. Oh boy. This will be fun when the times comes. 🤣


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