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Happy 18th Birthday to my daughter!!

I have and will always enjoy theming birthdays and Skye's 18th Birthday was a hit! Theme this year was in celebration of reaching the BIG 18 and Webkinz has always been a huge favorite of her childhood that included her brother and her dear cousin. What better way to celebrate?

They went from sitting on the living room floor playing with all these stuffies, playing a Webkinz virtual world online, and then to writing stories about them! So, a Webkinz theme was defintely a must! And we are still collecting the stuffies - new generation!!

Target did an fantastic job making the Wheel of Wow, and I did the little character laminations to put on the cake. It turned out awesome! At least we all think so! 😍 Awesome gifts, great cake, and a trip to Holiday in the Park tomorrow!! It was great getting the three of them back together.

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