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My heart just flipped!!

I haven't been playing my Sims 4 game because, well; I like to mod the fire out of my game. In doing so, it has been really hard to keep up to date when Sims 4 enjoys sneaking in an update when you are not expecting it. This creates havoc because I had to pull my Mods folder out, update my game, and then I have to wait for the creators of the mods I like to use update their mod so I can manually download and install it again to my Mods folder. Then that folder goes back into my game and I can continue to play. Since I don't play constantly, this has been a constant headache. But today I just came across this video and I am so excited! My heart is doing flips!! This is going to make it easier to keep my mods updated and installed in the game and I have noticed most of my favorite content creators are certified and part of the amazing journey!! 😃

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