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New script

The last couple of months we have been trying to get everyone in the house caught up with eye exams. None of us have been in years. T went a couple of years ago just as Covid was ramping up and we think the script was not accurate because of the mask having to be worn. It kept fogging up the lens as he was trying to complete the exam. When his glasses broke recently, it was an immediate situation. After he got his glasses, we scheduled Skye. Both of them got a pretty good deal on a pair of glasses and sunglasses. 🤓😎

It was my turn today and by the time I completed my exam, I had a horrible headache. The pressure in one of my eyes is extremely high, so I will need to get that checked out. The last exam I had, my optometrist told me that I needed bifocals. I declined and that has been a few years back. I previously picked out a couple of frames to keep on hold, but now because of my new lens script, those frames will not work. Due to the type of work I perform and as an avid reader, I couldn't decline bifocals this time. I have to switch back and forth between reading a computer screen and daily logs with tiny print way too much. Having to change glasses would be a nightmare, so I am going the progressive lens route. Of course this increased the cost by several hundred dollars, and I am still not sure I should have done it. 💸 Joan did manage to get my cost down to just over $670.00 for two pair. Hopefully, within a couple of weeks, I will have my new eyes. 😉

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