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Sims 2 - Medievalized

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I ❤️simulation games and one of my all time favorites is The Sims 2. I have been playing The Sims games since 2001. My preferred neighborhood is always Pleasantview and I add Bluewater Village and Strangetown as my subhoods. In February of 2016 I built a "medievalized" Pleasantview and called it the Kingdom of Simswood. 😊 Honestly, you will find me building more often than actually playing the game. I found these pictures that I had posted to a forum called Plumbob Keep years ago and I figured I would share them.

The Kingdom of Simswood aka Pleasantview
Goth Manor - home of Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, and Alexander
The Caliente Sisters - Dina and Nina, still digging for gold
The man himself - Don Lothario, womanizer of town
The Broke Family - Brandie, Dustin, and Beau
The Pleasants - Daniel, Mary Sue, twin sisters Angela and Lilith (who are anything but pleasant)
The Dreamers - Darren and his son, Dirk.
Landgraab - Malcolm is the 2nd richest after the royal family
Castle Crumplebottom - home of the royal family

I have always enjoyed playing Sims 2, but it is still a very unstable game for me to play. I 'mod' the fire out of it and my custom content folder for my game is almost always over 9G, which often results in a BFBVFS - Big Fiery Ball Visible From Space. Every time my son walks in and sees me in build mode he walks away saying "Mom, you are just going to kill your game. Why do you bother?" 🤣 And I do.

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