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Summer Fun

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

It's been eight years since we have had any type of Season Pass. LOL! So, when my son started talking about Six Flags memberships and paying monthly, that was an attention grabber. I mean, $240 for four Season Passes, plus a parking pass is a chunk of money to drop at one time. Especially when you purchase food and drinks throughout the day. Drink cups can be purchased, but that's another $80 to tack on.

Lets talk about memberships. One year commitment. They have Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond Elite. We decided to go with Diamond Elite and tack on a Dining Deluxe pass to it. We paid $181.00, ($80 of this being deposits). The monthly fee will be around $100.00 a month. This membership gives us the advantage of parking in Preferred Parking, unlimited drinks all day while we visit, a 50% discount on almost everything in the park, two skip the lines passes per visit, two digital photos, etc. We get two meals and a snack every visit by adding on the Deluxe Dining pass. First day we visited we went and ate BBQ and it would have cost us over $60, but we paid $0. Yes, this membership has already paid for itself, and we have only been three times so far! My family hardly EVER gets to do anything. It's time that changed.