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Sunday Stealing - Thanksgiving Dinner and WEIGHTLOSS

Welcome to Sunday Stealing hosted by Bev 2 Skykes. This 3 feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal 4 all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise 5 to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and 6 intelligent questions. Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. My biggest barrier to weight loss left foot. Years back, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and it would come and go. But here lately, the pain in not just in the bottom of my foot and it has been hurting for months now. The pain extends to the sides and wraps around my heel. Hopefully, my doctor can find out what is wrong in the coming months. Until then, I guess it is the stationary bike. Can someone send some motivation my way?

2. What is your relationship with food like? A so-so relationship I suppose. I know I should eat healthier but it is easier to just grab the chips and dip for a small snack.

3. What was the last time you had fun that made you smile for a few days? The last three weeks. My kids grew up with their cousin, who practically lived with us every summer and on weekends for years. She was like another daughter to me. A few years ago, she just quit coming over to hang out and life as we know it went on. She would swing by or stay a night here and there, but it was not like it used to be. My daughter comes to me the other day and asks if her cousin can come stay a few days. Of course, she is always welcome! Well, a few days turned into a few weeks and we played Minecraft on PC and played PS4 (we are gamers), watched movies, and chatted. It was like the old days and seeing the three of them together made me smile and my heart soar. She stayed for Thanksgiving and we ate too much. I think i am still full. LOL!

4. What are triggers in your life that lead to eating? Boredom and movies. If I am not doing something constructive, or playing games where I am using my hands, I tend to go find something to munch on. This happens way too often if I binge watch shows.

5. What inspires you to be healthier? Seeing other people my age and older that look fabulous! If they can do it, I know I can. I just need my determination and motivation back.

6. Name two foods that you think are “bad”. I don't think any one food is bad but I believe eating in moderation is the key.

7. Are your expectations for yourself too high? Right now, my expectations are low. We will see when the new year arrives, but I sure would like to see the terms first.

8. Would you like more fun in your life? Fun has never left. I believe in working hard, but I also believe you need to have fun and enjoy life. Everyone needs balance.

9. What is your one comfort food? Peanut butter and crackers.

10. How would you give someone encouragement? Never give up. Set up small goals to achieve and take everything day to day.

11. Do you get enough sleep? This is a definite no. I am a night owl and I enjoy staying up late either gaming or reading books. But I also enjoy getting up in the morning and having my two cups of coffee.

12. What activities make you feel more relaxed? Reading. I love to read and I usually average a book a day. This month has had too many distractions and it has taken me three weeks to read one book. 😲

13. Where do you need to practice forgiveness in your life? With myself. Over the years, I have bottled up a lot of anger. Not necessarily towards others, but because of things that I feel were left unsaid. God and I talk about it all the time and he has told me that I am too hard on myself and to let him handle it.

14. What is one thing you have not done because of how you looked? Probably being in pictures. I know I have gained weight and I feel like a balloon. LOL! I tend to just take pictures of everyone else and if I do end up in the pic, I try to get only my upper body.

15. What would you like more of in your life? Less stress! I feel like this year has been nothing but stressful and it has led to some serious setbacks, especially with me having to resign from my job because of my foot.

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