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Sunday Stealing - The End of the Year

Welcome to Sunday Stealing - hosted by Bev Sykes.

End of Year

First things first, did you have a good year? It was so-so. My hubby's approval for SSDI, and finally after eight months, our JPS Connections kicked in.

What was your favorite article of clothing this year? What I wear on a daily basis. Jeans, gaming T-shirts, and my running shoes or Converse. 😁

What song sums up this year for you? Not really that into music to be able to pinpoint a song that would sum up this year. LOL!

What was your favorite movie of the year? Not big into movies to list any new ones as a favorite.

Did an actor/actress catch your attention for the first time this year? Hollywood has really been a turn of for me. They need to stay out of the political arena and focus on making movies and entertaining us. Entertainment is supposed to be our "getaway" from the real world. I never go to movie theaters anymore and they are overpriced. I would rather stay at home and watch my own TV and make popcorn over the stove-top.

Favorite new TV show? No favorites. I am anxiously awaiting the next season of The Last Kingdom and so sad that the last season of Vikings is here. Hoping beyond hope they have not canceled Anne With an E and ecstaticly happy that Cobra Kai season 3 has arrived!!!

Did you make any big permanent changes this year? Nope.

What was one nice thing you did for yourself? Yeah, this doesn't happen much, but I have kept my Kindle Unlimited activated. I always spend on my hubby and kids.

Did you develop a new obsession? Actually, yes. I am definitely more aware of the people around me and I tend to observe and watch way more than I used to.

Did you move? No, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Did you get a pet? No. We still have two crazy hairballs and one looney doggo! I sure do miss our GS though.

Do you regret not doing anything? Nope.

Do you regret doing something? This year, no. During my lifetime? Oh yeah.

Did anyone/thing make you so mad it stayed with you for days? Lots of people anger me these days. LOL! But we won't talk about that.

Did you lose anyone close to you? No, but I know of several that did. 😌

Who was important to you this year but wasn’t important last year? Yeah, this hasn't changed. LOL!

Who wasn’t as important to you this year as they were last year? Same as above question.

What was the best moment of the year for you? My husband getting that acceptance letter.

What was the worst? Having to resign my Coordinator position because of my foot.😥

What have you learned about yourself this year that you didn’t know in the years prior? That I can really just let people go that didn't want to be around.

What do you wish for others for the coming year? Happiness, Health, and the ability to empathize!!

What do you wish for yourself? I am ready for a HUGE change!!

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