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Training and more Training

Training is kicking my butt. 😂 I spent all day training yesterday at the front desk, learned all the functions of our incoming/outgoing inter-office mail, certifying letters, mail codes, addresses, etc.

I had a three hour training class on routing cases this morning, and had to make the drive to regional for it. No way do I want to drive this everyday. Nope. I also had several forms to fill out to send in to the state to become a Notary. I am still trying to get used to this "e-signature" stuff too. Back in the day when I was an admin in the military, we didn't have all this digital signature stuff. LOL!

I know my units have been without an Admin for months and they are ready for someone to anchor down and help alleviate some of the extra paperwork. I got this, but I do feel like I jumped ship without a life-vest. 🤣

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