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Tuesday 4 - Valentine's Day

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Welcome to Tuesday 4

(the legacy of Toni Taddeo kept in her honor and memory). Thanks to Annie for today's four questions!

Welcome to Tuesday 4. I am sure Toni would be so pleased you are here.

Let's talk about St. Valentine's Day.

1. St Valentine paid for the weddings of poor girls. Today weddings can cost a fortune. What do you think about wedding expenses? My sister's wedding cost well over $30,000 and she didn't even buy her dress! I was married in a courthouse by a Justice of the Peace and I don't even have one wedding picture of my husband and I. Weddings are way overpriced and I am just as married no matter where my wedding took place. 😘

2. Do you or did you send Valentines to people? Not really. I have always bought my kids and my hubby cute cards and some Valentine's Day goodies!

3. Do you find Valentine's Day to be romantic? Not really. Too much hype and I have never bought into the "commercialism" this day has become.

4. Do you do anything special for Valentine's Day with partners or family? Cards, wildflowers for my table, and goodies for all. Oh, and games. LOL! 💖

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