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Tuesdays 4 - Lets Talk About Gifts

Welcome to Tuesday 4 (the legacy of Toni Taddeo kept in her honor and memory) and hosted by Annie. Let's talk about Gifts!

1. Whether it's Christmas, Chanukah or a birthday party nice gifts can be hard to pick out. Is there a safe go to gift you think will fit anyone? I believe it depends on the age of the recipient and how well you know them, and their interests, a gift card.

2. Is wrapping a gift a necessary part of the excitement of giving and receiving? Yes! I always take the time to wrap gifts, stick on a cutesy bow, and grab a nice card. If I am using a gift bag, its gets extra ribbons on the handles and matching tissue paper. I don't mind how others do it upon receiving a gift - I am still just as excited to get something special!

3. What gifts given to you did you love the most? Lots of childhood memories come to the surface with this one, but the one that stands out in my mind the most was my pink Huffy bicycle that I got for Christmas when I was 8. I rode that thing everywhere - jumping ramps, hills, over water, and up curbs. I can't remember how many times my dad had to replace the tubes and tires. I was a tomboy!!! When I married and had kids, anything that my kids made was saved. I have bins of stuff from holidays and school.

4. In the O. Henry book The Gift of the Magi, a man sells his pocket watch to buy some beautiful hair combs for his wife's long hair but she has sold her hair to buy him a platinum pocket watch chain. Have you ever saved long and hard to buy someone a special gift? Would you be okay with a holiday that didn't include gifts? Would friends and family understand? We normally have a certain amount set aside for Christmas, but occasionally we will go over a bit. My husband and I usually just get something personal for each other and we have always focused on our kids. Of course they are older now, but we still try to have a wonderful Christmas sharing gifts and celebrating. My mother-in-law has always been the type to want to have this HUGE Christmas with lots of gifts and food. Over the last several years it has become trying since he has a large family (most do not get along) and his mom has been trying to extend Christmas into several weekends just so everyone can get together to celebrate. We have decided not to participate because honestly, the stress is just overbearing and between my daughter (who has Autism and just got officially diagnosed with GAD), plus hubby's TBI - they cannot handle being around that many people, even family. Nope, the family doesn't understand and think we are being selfish and antisocial.

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