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Urgent Care Visit

Well, my husband found himself driving me to Urgent Care today. I woke up this morning with my left eye watering like crazy. I went back to bed thinking it was just an eyelash that would work its way out. I got up a couple of hours later and my eye was swollen and bright red and it hurt to even move it. I tried looking for foreign objects but I figured I was just making it worse. I put in some eye drops and took some Advil because I had the beginning of a headache.

After a couple more hours, my eye still felt gritty so we headed out to sit for hours. I get worked up so easy these days and I am actually on meds for panic attacks, which I was on the verge of when in triage. My blood pressure spiked and so did my pulse which was reading over 120. We were there for almost two hours before I got called back to a room to wait for another 45 minutes. Finally, the doc arrived and she could definitely see the swelling. I was given some numbing drops and she looked at my eye thoroughly and didn't find anything amiss. She even put that dye in that would make abrasions or tears show up under a black light. Pretty wicked. Whatever it was possibly came out due to all the tears I shed. She gave me a script for antibiotic ointment to put in my eye to prevent infection. If it doesn't get better or worsens, I am to come back and get rechecked. I honestly hope it clears up. We are going to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park this Thursday and I start my new job on the 13th.

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