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Work at Home

Working remote was extended yet another week. 🤨 Not sure what another week is going to do but it is what it is. It's seriously putting a dent in my in person training though. So many are testing positive for Covid. There are quire a few people walking around my building that refuse to mask up, even though they have been told if they are going to be at the office to have their masks. No one but the on duty supervisor is really supposed to be there unless scheduled to work the front desk, which only the Admins do.

Our household has had both vaccines and booster. If we get sick, we get sick. But it's not going to be because we didn't try. The vaccines weren't supposed to keep you from getting sick. They were intended to keep you from having to be hospitalized, or better yet - DIE. We continue to do our part. It's those that blatantly refuse and mock those that are trying. Walmart is not even sanitizing their carts anymore. No hand sanitizer either. Why do I want to shop there?? Just think - if we had been doing stuff like sanitizing and keeping things clean, Covid would not have been the only thing being kept at bay. The flu too, and many other viruses and infections. But too many people don't care and just cough and sneeze to their heart's content without covering their nose or mouth. That is just 🤢 period and I see it way too often. Like a toddler that doesn't know better.

Skye's heart doctor told us that everyone was going to come down with Covid at one point or another. It's how you want it. I personally don't want it at all. I don't want the flu either. I don't want to be sick...period!!!

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